An Act of Trust, Faith, Devotion

Fall is a season marked by many events and traditions. I always look forward to the new football season, the changing colors of he season, the coolness of the air and the anticipation of Thanks- giving and Christmas with family and friends. Among the events and traditions of the church is the annual stewardship campaign when members are asked to make a pledge for the coming year. What is a pledge?

You may think of it simply as a financial commitment to share in the funding of the annual budget of the church. However, the pledge you make is so much more. It is also a sign of trust in the men and women whom God has called to be the leaders of IPC. The building of the annual budget begins with input from the committees and ministry teams and ends with the vote of the Session on a balanced budget.

Even more, your pledge is an expression of faith. From the beginning of his ministry on Earth, Jesus has depended upon disciples to spread the gospel. Your pledge is your response to the call of Je- sus Christ so that God’s word may continue to be heard in our city and is the means by which good works may be done in Christ’s name. Finally, your pledge is an act of devotion. Love is expressed in many ways. Your pledge is one way for you to show your love for our gracious God and the body of Christ known as IPC. As you consider your pledge for 2019, I ask that you think on these things and pray about how you may share in the call of God to IPC.