To God be the Glory in all our worship, music and mission. All are invited to worship at Independent Presbyterian Church.

  • Sundays

    8:45 and 11:00 am traditional worship in Sanctuary
    Holy Communion served the first Sunday of the month.
    Services also live streamed.
    Morning worship bulletin for Sunday, November 19, 2017.

    5 pm worship in Highland Hall.
    Holy Communion served every week.
    Evening worship bulletin for November 19, 2017

  • Wednesdays

    12 pm worship in Chapel
    Holy Communion each week in this half hour service

  • Baptisms

    We believe in one Baptism as a sign and seal of God's grace. If you have been Baptized in another church, the Baptism is recognized by IPC. We welcome the baptism of children and adults. For information, contact Nancy Skinner at (205) 933-3703 or nskinner@ipc-usa.org.

  • Weddings

    Wedding services in the sanctuary or chapel at Independent Presbyterian Church are available to church members and their families. The Great Hall is available for receptions. For information, contact Nancy Skinner at (205) 933-3703 or nskinner@ipc-usa.org.

  • Please contact Rev. Brian Lays about deaths within the IPC family. After he is notified, a pastor will call to help plan services in the IPC chapel, sanctuary or off-site. To assist with planning, Congregational Ministries has prepared A Guide to Funeral Planning at IPC. Contact Rev. Lays at (205) 933- 3706 or blays@ipc-usa.org. Obituaries for IPC members can be found here.

  • One Sunday of every month (August-May) in the Sanctuary at 4:00 pm.