"The session of a particular church consists of the pastor or co-pastors, the associate pastors, and the elders in active service... the session is responsible for the mission and government of the particular church." - Book of Order The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Part II

The Session (Elders)

Session Class of 2017

  • Allen, Frederick Wendell
  • Boyd, Gina (Mrs. Rusty)
  • Butts, Lawrence Eugene (Larry)
  • Deer, Jill (Mrs. Alan)
  • Demyan, Brandon John
  • Gregory, Catherine (Mrs. Jamie)
  • Inscoe, Ashley (Mrs. Turner)
  • Kinman, David Ray
  • Krannich, Beverley (Mrs. Larry)
  • Posey, Robert Owen
  • Reeves, Dr. Hugh Mallory
  • Savage, Donna (Mrs. Hunter)
  • Warren, Jean Elise
  • White, J. Bennett

President of the Congregation 2017:
Jimmy Holloway

Vice President of the Congregation 2017:
David Turner

Session Ministry Teams 2016

Youth Elder: Marion Dukes

Session Class of 2018

  • Adams, David Scott (Scott)
  • Brunstad, Margaret (Mrs. Jim)
  • Deal, April (Mrs. William)
  • Faucette, Betsy (Mrs. J. R.)
  • Grisham, James E., III (Bo)
  • Grizzle, Charles L., Jr. (Chip)
  • Little, Stephen P., Sr.¬†
  • Pulliam, Stacy (Mrs. Scott)
  • Pulliam, Teresa (Mrs. Max)
  • Taylor, George M., III
  • Thomson, Kathy (Mrs. Tommy)
  • Walthall, Richard L. (Lee)
  • Ward, Alan Scott (Scott)
  • Williams, James Oliver III (Oliver)

Session Class of 2019

  • Baker, James R. (Jim)
  • Bean, J.S., Jr. (Sandy)
  • Brown, E.T. III
  • Cantley, Cindy (Mrs. Keith)
  • Chestnut, S.J. III (Joe)
  • Dickson, Walter David, Jr. (David)
  • Dulin, Susan (Mrs. John)
  • Grantham, Jeffrey M., Sr. (Jeff)
  • Lassiter, Griffin T.
  • Marbury, John C.
  • Morrow, John C.
  • Shaw, Stephen W. (Steve)
  • Vanlandingham, Dr. Sean C.
  • Walker, Ellen (Mrs. Jim)