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Independent Presbyterian Church

The breath of God has infused the human mind and inspired artists through the ages. We experience God though all our senses. Through the arts, people experience God on many levels and are led to God through the artistic expressions.

Independent Presbyterian Church has played a significant role in music and the arts in the Birmingham community for many years. The November Organ Recital Series and the Religious Arts Festivals have been in existence since the 1960s and 1970s, and have brought many world-class artists to the area. Since the first Christmas Concert in 1964, the IPC Choir has presented more than 175 concerts and special services.

All events, given freely to the public, are funded through endowments and the yearly operating budget of the church. Please join us and experience God in new ways through the arts.

To see a full schedule of upcoming music events for 2016-17, please click here. 

Evensong at IPC

Join us in the sanctuary once a month (August - May) for the worship series Evensong at IPC at 4:00 p.m. View the 2016-17 Evensong schedule.

A select group of singers from the IPC Choir, the IPC Camerata, is the resident ensemble for these services in the sanctuary. These services last about 40 minutes followed by an extended organ postlude.

This liturgy has been offered for nearly a thousand years. Here you will experience beauty, and welcome the voice of God into your heart through art, music and liturgy. Within this hallowed space may you forget the ceaseless activity of daily life and be still, compose the mind and renew the spirit for the coming week.

Choirs of Independent Presbyterian Church
  • IPC Choir
  • Westminster Choir (Youth grades 7-12)
  • Children's Choir (Grades K-6)
  • Primary Players (Grades 4-12)

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Joseph W. Schreiber Memorial Organ

Built by Dobson Pipe Organ Builders Ltd, Details

Brochure of dedication of the Joseph W. Schreiber Memorial Organ

List of organists who have played in the IPC November Organ Recital Series (NORS) (1965-2014)


Dr.Jeff McLelland
Director of Music & Fine Arts
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Beth Middleton
Music Assistant
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Barbara Fillmer
Executive Assistant, Music & Fine Arts

O Clap Your Hands Tracks
For a corrected listing of tracks on the new IPC Choir CD, click HERE.

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