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Independent Presbyterian Church

One of the ways IPC participates in the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ in the wider world is by sending mission teams to places of need either within the United States or to other places around the globe. Over the years, those teams have participated in Christ’s mission of service, compassion, justice and evangelism in places like Mexico, Honduras, Ukraine, Thailand, Kenya and Zambia. Our most active global mission partnership currently is with Mwandi Mission in Mwandi, Zambia, a mission of the United Church of Zambia.

Mwandi Mission

Mwandi Mission is comprised of a United Church of Zambia congregation, a hospital, school, Orphan and Slideshow Vulnerable Children Center, Kandiana (a home for “elderly orphans”) and other ministries. Mwandi Mission is located next to Mwandi Village, home to about 10,000 people and an area of subsistence poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Almost every year for the past 25 years, IPC has sent a mission team to Mwandi for a period of approximately two weeks each year to provide various kinds of service to the mission and local community. All members of IPC, from youth to adult, are welcome to participate in this mission trip. Participants will be required to cover some of the costs of the trip, generally the cost of air fare, immunizations and personal spending money. All costs for room and board and transportation on the ground once in the country the team is visiting are covered for the team. Most years, the mission team will be engaged in some kind of maintenance project to help maintain the physical plant of the mission, and will also engage in various kinds of ministries with the local school, church and with the orphan center. One of the primary purposes of this trip is to continue and deepen the rich relationships we have developed with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Mwandi over the years, and to share our mutual faith and life together.

Rwanda MissionSlideshow

IPC Senior Pastor Dr. William J Carl, III and several other IPC members went to on a exploratory mission to Rwanda in June 2016. They witnessed how a bishop is creatively pulling together available resources and using his God-given talents and those of the people around him to lift people in Rwanda out of poverty. The trip was a collaborative effort between IPC, the Cathedral Church of the Advent and Samford University. 
The team from Birmingham visited schools, as well as saw how women are trained for careers at the Akilah Institute for Women, Bridge2Rwanda, the Department of Education and the University of Rwanda. The goal was to get an idea of what the IPC Foundation can do to help further Bishop Mbanda's work. 

Rwanda from IPC Birmingham on Vimeo.

Participate in an IPC Mission

We are also continually seeking other places of need around the world where we might be of service and where relationship and partnership might be formed. If you are interested in participating in an IPC Mission Team, please contact The Rev. Susan Clayton at 205.933.3709 or sclayton@ipc-usa.org to discuss how you might become a part of one of these teams.


Rev. Susan Clayton
Associate Pastor, Director Community Ministries

Stories/Photos from Summer 2016 Missions

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