The Main Event 2017

Independent Presbyterian Church

Main Event Coming to IPC 

 February 25- 26

Independent Presbyterian Church is hosting the Presbytery of Sheppard and Lapsley meeting on Friday, February 24. The Main Event will begin after with meeting with dinner and a service Friday night. On Saturday, February 25, there will be 28 workshops for leaders, teachers, officers and pastors to continue to develop leadership skills. 

We are honored to have several people from IPC presenting: 
  • IPC senior pastor Dr. William J. Carl III
  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd director Kay Roller and assistant director Margaret Cobbs
  • Associate pastor Rev. Elizabeth Goodrich 
  • Director of operations Bill McKelvey
  • Youth director Catherine Goudreau 
  • Director of Missional Engagement David Seamon
The IPC presenters will have the opportunity to showcase some of our newest initiatives and ministries. We'll talk about going green by becoming one of only two churches in Alabama to be an Earth Care Congregation. We'll also talk about our expanding Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program, as well as youth and young adult ministries.

Schedule for Friday, February 24
1:30 pm Presbytery of Sheppard and Lapsley meeting registration
2:00 pm Presbytery meeting starts
6:00 pm Dinner in Great Hall
7:00 pm Dr. Tom Long preaches on "Learning How to Squint" (Acts 4:32- 37)

Schedule for Saturday, February 25
9:00 am Workshop registration
      9:30 am Session A 
11: 11:00 am Keynote from Dr. Long entitled, "What Would Jesus Imagine?"
12: 12:00 pm Lunch
 11 1:00 pm Session B (includes B-03 Catechesis with Kay and Margaret, B-02 Youth Summit with Catherine)
  2  2:30 pm Session C (includes C09 Going Green with Elizabeth and Bill McKelvey, C-10 History of Worship with Dr. Carl, C-07 Creating Hospitality with David) 
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Dr. Tom Long is Bandy Professor Emeritus of Preaching and director of the Early Career Pastoral Leadership Program at Candler School of Theology. He'll also preach during the 8:45 and 11 am services Sunday, February 26 on "The Open Window."  

Dr. Long will join us as the Focus on Faith speaker at 10 am. Here is a description of his lecture, "Four Doorways into Psalms":

"The Benedictine monk Sebastian Moore once said, 'God behaves in the psalms in ways that he is not allowed to behave in systematic theology.' In this class, we will explore four different ways to enter into the wild, emotionally rich and spiritually profound world of the psalms."

To read more about Dr. Long, CLICK HERE.

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