Independent Presbyterian Church
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Immigration Work Group

Independent Presbyterian Church has an Immigration Work Group (IWG) made up of members of the congregation and staff of Community Ministries.
“In the light of our understanding of Holy Scripture, we find ourselves called by Christ to facilitate services and to give emotional support to recent immigrants in our community through compassion, advocacy, and participation. We also feel called to educate our congregation and our community about immigration issues that face us all.”
              Mission statement of IWG adopted June 24, 2007
What you can do to help—
  Pray for this ministry

  Join with local immigrant congregations for fellowship and worship

  Help educate fellow congregants and the local community about immigration issues
  Remain informed about pending legislation affecting immigrant issues

   Use your special talents to help recent additions to our community with language skills, information concerning local customs, etc.

  Join the IPC Immigration Work Group
For more information about the Immigration Work Group at Independent Presbyterian Church, contact Matt Hunter  or Betsy Middlebrooks  (205)933-3731