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Independent Presbyterian Church

Registration for the Fall 2014 Grace Groups is now open. The groups will meet October 5 - November 15, 2014. Learn more about Grace Groups below, also view the groups and then sign up online.

The topic for Fall Grace Groups is "Stories from the Life of King David."

Grace Groups meet twice a year for six-week periods in the Fall and during Lent. These small groups offer IPC members a great way to get to know other members and study the scriptures. Participants particularly enjoy the small group atmosphere, with informal meetings in members' homes, studying scriptures and enjoying the fellowship of church friends.

If you would like to help or if you want to be a leader or participant in any of our Grace Groups, contact Cindy Shaw (205.933.3696). We'll help you find a group that meets at a location and time convenient for you. What could be better than making new friends and growing in your faith together? Sign-ups are going on now!

Everyone's Invited! Groups are usually 15 people or fewer. The groups usually meet in a host's home or at the church. Grace Groups are for those people willing to make a commitment to their group, including regular attendance, preparation, and participation. These groups are not meant to compete with any of IPC's educational programs. They are intended for participants to share, listen and pray with each other in a setting that is more relaxed and at a time that is less hectic than the Sunday morning rush.


Cindy Shaw

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