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"Whosoever believeth in me shall never die." John 3:16

Funeral Services for IPC  Members and Family

There will be a memorial service for Anne Knight Townsend  Tuesday, May 24, 2016, at 11:00 am in the sanctuary of Independent Presbyterian Church. The family will receive visitors in the parlor at 10:00 am.


Note: the number in parentheses after the name is the IPC Parish Number or the designation of non-member (NM) or former member.

Anne Knight Townsend (33)  May 21, 2016
(Mother of William K. "Billy" Holbrook (6))

James Averill Todd, Jr.  (31)  May 5, 2016
(Husband of Mary Margaret Todd)

Richard Shaul Woodruff   April 23, 2016

Wilma  Dean Gilbert Jinks (NM) April 12, 2016
(Mother of Fairy Sutherland (Frank)

Elizabeth Ann Montgomery (Bebe) Noble April 9, 2016
(Wife of Andrew J. Noble, Jr. (Jack); Mother of Ruth Bean (Sandy); Grandmother of McLean Bean and Joe Bean)

Anne Canterberry Speake (former member)  April 7, 2016
(Cousin of Caryl Privett (26) and Lillian Laughlin (Walt) (16)

Joel Ruffner Hillhouse  April 5, 2016
(Husband of Beth Hillhouse; father of Priscilla Stokes (27); and Ennis Everette; Grandfather of Tempie Stokes & Hugh Stokes; Samuel Smith Everette IV, Madeline Ennis Everette and Lila Banks Everette.)

Virginia Van der Veer Hamilton  April 4, 2016

Herbert Frederick Roth (NM) April 4, 2016
(Father of David Roth (Kathleen) (20); Grandfather of James Campbell Roth and Eleanor Kathleen Roth)

Albert Francis "Sonny" Caley (NM) March 31, 2016
(Father of Frank (Margaret) Caley; Grandfather of Frank (Alanna) Caley, Jr.; Great grandfather of Caitlyn and Tripp Caley)

Faye Hilley Shaffer  March 26, 2016
(Wife of Cal Shaffer; Mother of Kathryn Shaffer)

(Daughter of Helen and David Rozendale (06)

Walter Sinclair Fletcher  (36)  March 22, 2016
(Husband of Dorothy Fletcher (36)

Martha Mann Morrow (15)  March 10, 2016
(Wife of John H. Morrow (15), mother of James M. Morrow (NM), William H. Morrow (26) & John C. Morrow (Carrie) (27), grandmother of James Mann Morrow, Jr., Bennett Calhoun Morrow, Sam Morrow, Jack Morrow, Mims Bruhn, & Mitchell Bruhn)

Elizabeth Ellen Ozier "Susie" Hill  (NM)  March 8, 2016
(Mother of Robert Hill (23)

William David "Dave" Self    March 7, 2016
(Husband of Jo Self) (Right Click And Save File)

Joyce Reynolds Chappelear  March 7, 2016
(Wife of Harry Chappelear)

(Brother of Ellen McWhorter (Hobart)  (28)

Rainer Lamar Albright Jamison (NM)  March 2, 2016
(Mother of Carl Albright (Paige) (19); Grandmother of Carl Albright IV, David Albright & Bibb Albright)

Doris Booth  (NM)  March 2, 2016
(Grandmother of Kara Hamilton (Ryan) (02); Great grandmother of Benjamin Hamilton (02)

Doris Hewitt Smith (NM)  March 1, 2016
(Grandmother of Catherine Pringle (Will) (13); Great grandmother of Cooper, Bob and Anne Margaret Pringle)

Hayden Wood (13)  February 25, 2016

Marcia Penfield Little (42)  February 18, 2016
(Wife of Kenneth Little, Sr. (42); Mother of Stephen Little (Teri) (29); Grandmother of Stephen P. Little, Jr., and Virginia Lane Little (29)

Peggy (Margaret Mary) Morgan (Mrs. J.M. Morgan, Jr.)  February 14, 2016  
Aunt of Michael Murphy (Susan) (13) Great Aunt of Morgan Murphy (25); Great Aunt of Lauren Ward (Scott) (41); Great Aunt of Meredith McLemore (William) (02)

Donald R. Knight, Sr.   February 14, 2016
(Husband of Lena Knight)

Robert Frederick Balk (NM) February 14, 2016
(Father of Sandy Martin (Bo) (28); Grandfather of Jack, Ellie & Robert Martin)

Almeta Anderson (Meta) Mitchell (Mrs. W.H.)  January 28, 2016

Mary Taylor Williams Gant   January 12, 2016
(Mother of Carter Cooper (Lee) and John Gant; Grandmother of Kathryn Cooper, Nancy Cooper, and John Cooper)

James E. McGinnis, Jr.  January 6, 2016
(Father of Gina Long (Hank) (28) and Carol Alexander (Rex) (20); Grandfather of Henry Long (Alice)(41), Virginia Long (15), and Tommy Kitsmiller (23).

Kristy M. Clark   January 5, 2016
(Wife of John W. Clark, III (22); Mother of Sydney Ann Clark and Wesley Clark)

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A Guide to Funeral Planning at IPC

Death can be a difficult subject for one to consider; it may be even more difficult to discuss with our loved ones. However, planning for what is inevitable for all human beings can be not only a significant spiritual experience for you, but also a gift of love for your family and friends. To assist with handling this challenging task for families, the Congregational Care and Counseling Ministry has prepared a booklet, A Guide to Funeral Planning at IPC.

Printed copies of the booklet are now available for IPC members, and a PDF version can be found here: A Guide to Funeral Planning at IPC (PDF copy)


The Columbarium serves as a reminder to all of the Christian belief in the community of saints, both the living and the dead.

The Columbarium at Independent Presbyterian Church provides for church members and ministers of the church, as well as their immediate families who choose cremation, a place near the center of the church grounds for the permanent safekeeping of the ashes of cremation.

For more information, contact Marsha Harbin or 205.933.3715.


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