Independent Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Funeral Services

"Whosoever believeth in me shall never die."   John 3:16
A GUIDE TO FUNERAL PLANNING AT IPC Death can be a difficult subject for one to consider; it may be even more difficult to discuss with our loved ones. However, planning for what is inevitable for all human beings can be not only a significant spiritual experience for you, but also a gift of love for your family and friends. To assist with handling this challenging task for families, the Congregational Care and Counseling Ministry has prepared a booklet, A Guide to Funeral Planning at IPC.   Printed copies of the booklet are available for IPC members, and a PDF version can be found here: 
Funeral Services for IPC members and family

 No services scheduled. 
Note: the number in parentheses after the name is the IPC Parish Number or the designation of non-member (NM) or former member.
Alice Teague Nichols (NM)  July 21, 2014
(Mother of Amy McCain, and Grandmother of Walker McCain and Jackson McCain)
(Brother of Greg Jeane)
(Brother of Judy Feagin)
Gordon Dallam Martin   July 14, 2014
Stephen Eric Griffis (NM)  July 11, 2014
(Son-in-law of Edith Bauman)
Mary Paty Bargeron Elmore    July 7, 2014
Dr. Raymond Alan Grier  July 4, 2014 
(Husband of Ives Ort ; Father of Janet Ort  
Jacquie Gaut Britt  June 30, 2014
Jean Sullivan Curry  June 28, 2014
(Daughter of Eleanor & Gene Cushman (13); Mother of Anne Hutto Moon (99) and Zachary Taylor Hutto, III (34); Grandmother of Caroline Elizabeth Moon and Matthew Daniel Moon)
Ralph Cash (NM)  June 23, 2014
(Brother of Stan Cash 
Jeanne Hill (Mrs. Edward P.)  (37)  June 18, 2014
Mary A. Simonin  (NM)  June 14, 2014
(Mother of Nancy Kennedy (02)
Richard Asberry  (NM) June 12, 2014
(Brother of Andre' Asberry, IPC Staff)

Robert "Bobby" Cook McKelvey  (NM)  June 3, 2014
(Father of Bill McKelvey, IPC Staff)
Ruth Curry McGowen   May 24, 2014
Alice Virginia Brunstad (NM)  May 19, 2014
(Mother of James W. Brunstad (28)
Bill Brittain (NM)  May 18, 2014
(Father of Ellen Williams (23) and Grandmother of Jonas Scott Williams and Brittain Louise Williams (23).
Elizabeth (Libba) Mullane Ard (NM)   May 13, 2014
(Mother of Laura Woodruff (06) and Grandmother of Katie Woodruff (06) and Mary Woodruff (06)
Imelda Martin Lee (NM)  May 5, 2014
(Mother of Nanci Lee Curtis (16) and Grandmother of Mimi Lee Curtis  (16) 
(Mother of James W. Skillen (04); Grandmother of Jeanene Skillen (04); and Great Grandmother of Nathaniel and Caleb Siegel (04)

Margaret Scott Rountree "Peggy" Stockham (Mrs. Herbert)   May 6, 2014
(Mother of Kate Stockham, Anne Stockham, Caroline Thomas, and Midge Miller; Grandmother of Mara Thomas, Edward Thomas III, Elizabeth Miller and Mae Stockham DeAnni.) 
Willy Marie "Wiel" Dielen, Jr. (NM) April 22, 2014
(Son of Ann and Willy Dielen (09)
Hayes Aldridge Collins (NM) April 18, 2014
(Son of Jacob & Katie Collins(NM), Grandson of Lamar Aldridge Newton(13), Grandson of Marion & Jon Kling (39), Great grandson of Alex & Sue Newton(13)
Margaret Palmer Cook Benton  (15) April 4, 2014
(Mother of Houston Cook (Sheri) (13);  grandmother of William Cook and Sara Cook)
Betty Massey Tolar  (NM)  April 2, 2014
(Mother of Doug Tolar (99) 
Harriet Privett Murphy  (99)  March 27, 2014
(Aunt of Caryl Privett (26) and Lillian Laughlin (16)
Burns Johns  (NM) March 25, 2014
(Brother of Eloise Bennett (Davis) ( (23)
Bertha Williams Newton, (NM) March 25, 2014
(Mother of Sandy Miller (23)
Julian Patterson (Pat) Hardy, Jr.  (38)  March 11, 2014
(Husband of Karla Patterson (38)
Dr. John Elmore  (3)  February 21, 2014
(Husband of Mary Bargeron Elmore; Father of John Durr Elmore, Jr.)
Carl Pittman "Buddy" Parsons Jr.  (5)   February 17, 2014
(Husband of Susan Parsons;  Father of Conner Parsons and Caitie Parsons Morgan)
Leigh Maddox Brown   February 16, 2014 
Emily Sturrock (NM)  February 12, 2014.  Funeral at IPC February 17, 2014
Russell Gary Seaborn (NM)  January 28, 2014
(Father of Lindsay Seaborn Aycock (10)
Carter Williams (NM)  January 22, 2014
(Brother of Mary Gant (99) and Uncle of Carter Cooper (40) and John Gant (17)
Mary Jane Toy "Pidgie" Dismukes   January 21, 2014
(Wife of Dr. Bill Dismukes)
Alice Cooper Bryant (NM)  January 19, 2014
(Mother of Betsy Middlebrooks (30);  Grandmother of Allen Middlebrooks (30) and Ethan Middlebrooks (99)
Ellen Ziglar Clark  (10)  January 7, 2014 
Dr. Frank Simon Normann, Jr.  (NM)  January 5, 2014
(Brother of Helen Bolvig  (18) 
Vivien Coppage Tate  (NM)  January 3, 2014
(Aunt of David Middlebrooks  (30)
Margaret M. Falk  (NM)  January 1, 2014
(Sister of Sara McVay (6)
William E. Matthews, IV  (NM) December 30, 2013
(Father of William E. Matthews, V   (40); and Grandfather of William E. Matthews, VI and John Lewis Matthews (40) 
James Thomas "Jim"  Wall, Sr.l  (35)  December 29, 2013
(Husband of Sally Wall (35) 
Richard Anderson Bowron, Jr.  (NM) (12/22/13)
(Brother of Mary Beasley) (25)
Florence DeBoer Wigon (NM) (12/21/13)
(Mother of Debbie Feagin) (11)
(Grandmother of Kelley Feagin, Geoff Feagin, Lorey Feagin) (10)  and Kristen Pocrnich
Thomas McCallum Pearce  (20)  December 19, 2013
(Husband of Anne Pearce (20)  and Stepfather of J. Arthur Smith IV (34)
Susan Hayes Curry (NM)  December 17, 2013
(Sister of Margaret Brunstad (28)
Ralph Westfall  (NM)  December 14, 2013
(Father-in-law of Beverly Westfall (13) 
Holman Head, Sr. (NM)  December 11, 2013
(Father of Holman Head, Jr.  (31) and Grandfather of Olivia Head (31)
Dice Lineberry (NM) December 11, 2013
(Brother of Susan Barrett ( 23)
Karyl Ann Kesmodel-Rice  (3)  December 9, 2013
(Daughter of Betty Amidon "Bet" Kesmodel)  (3)