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"Whosoever believeth in me shall never die." John 3:16

Funeral Services for IPC  Members and Family

  • A memorial service will be held for David Thurlow Saturday, March 21, 2015, in the Independent Presbyterian Church Sanctuary at 2:00 p.m.  Visitation with the family will follow the service.


Note: the number in parentheses after the name is the IPC Parish Number or the designation of non-member (NM) or former member

Gussie Mae Armstrong (NM)  March 11, 2015
(Mother of Winston Armstrong (01); Grandmother of Isaiah Armstrong (01) and Immanuel Armstrong (01)

John H. Burton, Sr.  March 5, 2015

David Thurlow (28)  February 24, 2015

Edith Wade Medley, February 22, 2015
(Wife of Fred K. Medley (42))

Harold Lloyd Chambers (NM)  February 11, 2015
(Grandfather of Paul Tackett (16) and great grandfather of Chambers Montgomery Tackett (16)

Ada Ruth Rowe (NM) February 7, 2015
(Mother of Mark Rowe (12); grandmother of Teddy and Michael Rowe)

Helen Garber Reynolds (NM)  January 31, 2015
(Mother of Al Reynolds (38); grandmother of Mr. Alex Reynolds (99) and Ms. Gordon Reynolds Haight (99)

Samuel Eugene Howard,  (42) January 23, 2015
(Father of Hilary Hodgens Howard Lanier (42)

Virginia Price (NM)  January 21, 2015
(Mother of Cathy DeLozier (11); Grandmother of David DeLozier (11) and Joe DeLozier (11).

Julius Clarence Shaw (NM)  January 16, 2015
(Father of Lyda White (35); Grandfather of Mimi Nolen (26); Bennett White (26) and Davis White)

June Mathews Moody  (03) January 4, 2015

William M. (Bill or "Jig") Miller  (33) January 3, 2015
(Father of Laurie Allen , grandfather of Christopher Allen  and Miller Allen , great grandfather of Olivia Thompson Allen  and William Griffin Allen , and brother-in-law of Lula Rose Blackwell)

Robert Stone Weatherly, Jr.  December 30, 2014
(husband of Mary Ann Weatherly , father of Burr Weatherly, grandfather of Katherine Weatherly and Burr Weatherly, Jr.)

(Husband of Alice Christenson)

Sylvia Joyce Brown Patrick (35) December 16, 2014
(Wife of J. Vernon Patrick, Jr. (35)

David McLeod (NM)  December 16, 2014
(Brother of Tommy McLeod (12)

Charlie Thompson (NM)  December 14, 2014
(Uncle of Elizabeth Goodrich (Staff)

John Palmer Reynolds (01)  December 12, 2014
(Husband of Bundi Reynolds; father of Caroline Reynolds Kakati, and nephew of Elizabeth Miller)

Donald Jackson Smith (NM)  December 9, 2014
(Father of Donna Savage; grandfather of Jackson, Ben and Caroline Savage)

Marilla Morgan (NM)  October 26, 2014
(Sister of Katherine Hogin (10)

Constance Parson Hutcheson (NM)  December 7, 2014
(Mother of Connie Logan (IPC Staff)

Bobbie Gene Tanner (NM)  November 23, 2014
(Father of Teresa Tanner Pulliam; grandfather of Alice Pulliam).

Marjorie Reavis (NM)  November 18, 2014
(Mother of Amy Noden (39); Grandmother of Ellie, Grace Louise, and Hattie Ann Noden.)

Delores Howard (42)  October 24, 2014    news article
(Wife of Sam Howard (42);  mother of Hilary Hodgens Howard Lanier (42)

Ronnie Smith (NM)  October 18, 2014
(Brother of Jan Smith (09)  

Kenneth L. Faught, Sr. (NM) October 10, 2014
(Uncle of Yvette Faught (39)

Carolyn Robinson (NM)  October 5, 2014
(Sister of John Klyce (24); Aunt of Kathryn Burns (11) and George Lane III (37)

Robert Clarence Stobert, Jr.  October 3, 2014

Robert S. Clayton, Jr.   October 2, 2014
(Husband of Caroline Clayton (17)

Jimmy Hutchinson (NM) October 1, 2014
(Brother of Neal Hutchinson (26)

Dorothy Roden  September 27, 2014
(Mother of Gayle Cole)

Billy R. Legg (NM)  September 25, 2014
(Stepfather of Clay Smitherman (08)

Doris Burton  September 17, 2014
(Wife of John H. Burton)

Joann Garrison (NM)  September 6, 2014
(Sister of Jim Henderson (Janie) ( (32)

James Little North  (32)  September 7, 2014 
(Husband of Lane North (32) and Father of Jim North, Jr. (39)

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A Guide to Funeral Planning at IPC

Death can be a difficult subject for one to consider; it may be even more difficult to discuss with our loved ones. However, planning for what is inevitable for all human beings can be not only a significant spiritual experience for you, but also a gift of love for your family and friends. To assist with handling this challenging task for families, the Congregational Care and Counseling Ministry has prepared a booklet, A Guide to Funeral Planning at IPC.

Printed copies of the booklet are now available for IPC members, and a PDF version can be found here: A Guide to Funeral Planning at IPC (PDF copy)


The Columbarium serves as a reminder to all of the Christian belief in the community of saints, both the living and the dead.

The Columbarium at Independent Presbyterian Church provides for church members and ministers of the church, as well as their immediate families who choose cremation, a place near the center of the church grounds for the permanent safekeeping of the ashes of cremation.

For more information, contact Marsha Harbin or 205.933.3715.


Associate Pastor, Director Congregational Care 

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