IPC Foundation - Code of Conduct

Independent Presbyterian Church

Code of Conduct

Representatives of the Foundation, including directors, employees, and volunteers, observe this code of conduct.


We are familiar with the laws which govern our Foundation and comply with them.

We carry out the intent of our donors in managing our investments and distributing funds.


We do not disclose non-public information provided by grant seekers and service providers.

We do not disclose details of Board and Committee deliberations on grants, service agreements, or other matters.


We commit to attend the meetings of the Board and our assigned Committee(s).We review pre-meeting materials and actively participate in the meetings we attend.

We attempt to participate in 1-2 site visits annually. Members of the Grantmaking Committee participate in as many site visits as practicable.

Conflicts of Interest

We identify potential conflicts of interest to the Board as they arise. We excuse ourselves from discussions of any such transaction, and make no attempt to influence the transaction. We do not accept compensation for our work on behalf of the Foundation, except that employees may receive reasonable compensation.

We do not accept gifts or favors from grant seekers, service providers, or other parties who might gain from a relationship with the Foundation unless we disclose them to the Board. As an exception, we may accept occasional tickets to charity events and/or meals of a nominal value, as well as promotional items from charities, without disclosure. Although it is difficult to define “nominal” using a specific value, common sense should prevail to determine what is appropriate. The following are prohibited: payments of or receipt of cash, providing or accepting lavish gifts, and providing or accepting trips or vacations.

We do not use our position with the Foundation for personal gain.

Fundraising and Donor Relations

We provide prospective donors with accurate information reflecting the intended uses for donated funds.

We adhere to the foundation’s policy of gift acceptance and acknowledgement providing prompt recognition of gifts and honoring anonymity when requested.

We deal confidentially and professionally with donor’s assigned agents and advisors conforming to the donor’s wishes for disclosure.

We are faithful stewards of gifts received and make available an annual accounting of distributions from funds.


We treat grant seekers with respect and seek to affirm the value of their work.

We seek to build constructive relationships with grantees and to provide non-financial support where needed and feasible.

We seek to earn the respect of grant seekers, the IPC congregation, fellow grantsmaking organizations, and the general public by the quality and effectiveness of our grantsmaking.

Ethical Behavior

We are thoughtful and objective in matters considered by the Foundation. We make our decisions in the best interests of the Foundation rather than our personal interest.


We seek to grow spiritually through our service to the Foundation.

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