Independent Presbyterian Church

Pastoral Care and Counseling is a part of the total ministry of IPC. Its special purpose is to help persons grow by offering them a caring relationship and professional counseling with qualified counselors who consider both the spiritual and emotional dimensions of the whole persons.

Counseling may take place with individuals, couples, families or small groups. As a part of the ministry of IPC, no one seeking counseling is turned away due to an inability to pay.

Some reasons people seek counseling are:

  • Anxiety, depression, self-doubt, a sense of failure, lack of fulfillment or little sense of purpose in life.
  • Problems in relationships, marriage, divorce, widowhood, single parenthood, pre-marital work, blended (step) families.
  • Matters of faith, guilt, conflict of values and other religious problems which have not been resolved through usual religious approaches.
  • Prolonged bereavement or a sense of personal loss.
  • Stress related to life’s transitions such as adolescence, graduation, impending marriage, career change, moving, retirement, ageing.
  • Emotional or spiritual problems related to physical illness and to rehabilitation from serious disease or injury.
  • Personal growth and improving ways of dealing with the normal stress of everyday living.

Our counseling associates are available by appointment.

The Rev. Dr. Stewart Jackson

Kenneth J. Wade, Ph.D.


The Rev. Dr. Stewart Jackson

Kenneth J. Wade, Ph.D.

Rev. Brian Lays

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