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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Children's Choirs

News from Beth Middleton, Director of Children's Choirs
 2012 - 2013     Children's Music 2.0
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      “Discover, Explore, and Develop”
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      “Mind, Body, Spirit, and Voice”
            “It takes the whole person to sing and rejoice!”  -Helen Kemp


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Children’s Choirs at IPC
        A new school year and a new choir season are here, and with them come new opportunities to help our children develop one of their most precious gifts- the singing voice.  As parents we have a tremendous influence on our children, also on their decisions and what they tend to see as valuable and important. What we support, they are usually willing to pursue, and what we encourage and give priority to, they continue to be a part of- even when the luster at times temporarily wears thin.

For us in Children’s Choirs, the beginning of choir season this fall brings extra excitement as we organize and anticipate the year to come.    
        Choir is a place where boys and girls, grades K-6, will experience God through song. As you would expect in any Christian choir, our  foremost goal is to develop the children’s singing voices in order that they can share a unique gift, something of their very own, in worship.  
        In addition, we strive to sing music of high artistic integrity, encompassing a wide range of classical composers, African-American spirituals, modern and traditional hymnody, and newly composed anthems.