IPC Foundation - The Beeson Fund

Independent Presbyterian Church

Funds Overview

During 2015, grants were awarded and distributions made totaling $2.4 million from
Foundation endowments.

The Beeson Fund

The Orlean and Ralph W. Beeson Fund was established by gifts and bequests of Orlean B. and Ralph W. Beeson. It is devoted to “the benefit of mankind, the education of youth, the relief of human suffering, and propagation of the Christian religion.” At the end of 2015, the Beeson Fund was valued at $44.9 Million.

Most distributions are made via an annual grants cycle. Applications are received in the summer, reviewed over the fall, and awarded at the end of November to be paid early in the following year. To see guidelines for grant applications, click here.

In the 2015 annual grants cycle, the Foundation awarded $1.9 Million or 73% of the amount requested. To learn about some of the work supported by grants, click here.

In addition to the annual grants cycle, the Foundation also makes scholarship grants, emergency grants, and small grants. The following charts summarize all four types of grants. In 2015, the Foundation continued its recent focus on education, especially summer learning.

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