Independent Presbyterian Church

The Adult Ministry at IPC offers many opportunities for fellowship, Christian education, and service.

Christian Education


Adults at Independent Presbyterian enjoy the pursuit of knowledge: knowledge of self, knowledge of others and knowledge of God. The pursuit is not for the sake of knowledge alone, but for building relationships, growing faith and creating a joyful, loving community within our church and meaningful service to others within our church, our community and throughout the world.

Learn more about the classes offered in Christian Education.

Prayer and Study Groups

IPC offers many opportunities for prayer and study in small groups. Through a variety of ministries, IPC seeks to build up the body of Christ. We hope you will explore these opportunities and find enriching spiritual fellowship with others. Learn more.

Fellowship Groups

The fellowship groups at IPC are as diverse and varied as the congregation. Learn more.

Senior Adults

Fellowship groups for older adults. Learn more.


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Connie Logan

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