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Independent Presbyterian Church

The Mission of the Highland Avenue Forum (HAF) is to engage the entire IPC family and our community and neighbors in discussing and addressing together issues of compassion, peace, and justice that inspire faith in action.  HAF is sponsored by the IPC Focus on Faith Committee, which offers educational and inspirational programming of community interest that strives to

  • renew spiritual commitment
  • expand theological understanding, and
  • celebrate the faith                                              
Overview of 2016 HAF Program: FAITH AND ECOLOGY-- of Water and the Spirit

Throughout 2016 there will be numerous program offerings highlighting various aspects of water ecology:
•  Photographic Exhibits (2nd floor display area) and on the website 
•  A winter Wednesday night series (beginning January 13, 2016) with distinguished speakers focusing on our watershed biodiversity, climate science, water monitoring, etc.
•  Panel discussions
•  Film viewing 
•  Weekend outings  (Cahaba Lily viewing, Living River, stream walk)
•  A summer class on biblical water imagery

Be sure to check the activities Calendar for dates, locations, and times of program offerings.


About 30 IPC members spent part of their Memorial Day weekend knee deep in water. They walked along the banks of the Cahaba River on May 28 to see for themselves what makes the Cahaba Lily so rare. 

Dr. Lawrence J. Davenport led the group. The Samford University professor spoke at IPC earlier in the week about the Cahaba Lily's habitat demands, flowering and seeding cycles, pollination and genetics. He wanted everyone to walk away from this Highland Avenue Forum 2016 Faith and Ecology Event understanding why the plant is so rare and how anyone can help protect it.

Many IPC members certainly made the Cahaba Lily their focal point that Saturday by capturing the flower on camera. But for Dr. Davenport, his work has been focused on the Cahaba Lily for years. In 2007, he was named Alabama Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. His efforts to protect this plant and its habitat were recognized by the Alabama House of Representatives with the designation of May 27, 2006, as Professor Lawrence J. Davenport Day. To read more about him, CLICK HERE.

The Highland Avenue Forum 2016 Faith and Ecology is offering tips for what you can do to care for God’s creation. Check out these water saving tips HERE and find out about Fix a Leak Week and WaterSense efficiency initiatives.

Goals of Highland Avenue Forum
The Highland Avenue Forum (HAF) 2016 entitled FAITH AND ECOLOGY -- Of Water and the Spirit is a multifaceted, extended series of events in 2016 to engage members and the community in an interfaith and multi-generational program with a focus on water quality ecology.  During 2016, we will consider ways of “Engaging our Faith Outdoors and Caring for Creation” with an emphasis on our region of Alabama.  The goals of this program are to
1.  make the theological and ethical case that people of faith should care about the stewardship and care of creation, including the economics and human costs of failing to do so;
2.  enrich the spiritual lives of IPC members and interfaith friends with time spent outdoors to acquire a deepened connection to God’s creation;
3.  raise awareness about issues impacting the health of creation in our region; and
4.  formulate responses to what we have learned -- greener practices at IPC, greener practices in participants’ homes and businesses, water quality monitoring, advocacy around particular issues, and other forms of service.



CLICK HERE to see Matt Hunter's Water photos

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