Independent Presbyterian Church
Friday, July 25, 2014

Director of Christian Education


    Paul Romjue is the Director of Christian Education

After eleven years on staff and decades more as a member of IPC, our multi-talented, and omni-present Director of Christian Education (DCE), Paul Romjue, is retiring effective June 15, 2014.  We will miss Paul's familiar face and helpful presence in so many aspects of the life of the church.   As DCE he has supervised staff and assisted with classes and the committees who are responsible for adult education, youth, children's ministries, the IPC Day School, Presbyterian Women, Holiday House, Focus on Faith, Barbara Noojin Walthall Bible Study Series, the Centennial Committee, Officer Development, and the Lukens Library to name the major areas.  He has been a faithful participant in Wednesday Chapel services offering scripturally based reflections, insightful leadership, and Christian fellowship at these meaningful worship services.

His photographic abilities are legendary - for example, weekly he captures the sanctuary flower arrangements that are so prayerfully and beautifully arranged by the members of the Guild.  He then makes sure to send a copy of the photograph and a note to the families who gave the memorial flowers.  He manages the IPC Gallery on the second floor and is almost always available to photograph new members, the confirmand classes, and major activities and programs going on at the church. When the sanctuary and new organ project was underway, Paul would don his hard-hat and traipse up scaffolding to photograph almost every inch of the stained glass windows "face-to-face."   His beautiful images are not only documentary but also creatively artistic. 

We will miss his smiling face in front of and behind the camera and we wish him well as he explores the many ways his gifts and talents can continue to be used in his retirement for his own enjoyment, the benefit of others, and to God's glory.  A reception is being planned to honor Paul and his ministry. The reception will be on Sunday, June 15, 2014, following the 11 am worship service.  More details will follow.


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