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Monday, July 28, 2014

Local Mission Opportunities

Local Mission Opportunities

Independent Presbyterian Church (IPC)

We invite you to become a part of Community Ministries --    to live your faith in Jesus Christ in an active, loving, life-giving way, by the giving of your time, your talents, your energy and your compassion to those in need.

For more information, or to volunteer, please contact
Administrative Assistant Annette Carter at  205.933.3725  or Rev. Susan Clayton  205.933.3709.



 Living in Service to Others 


Children's Fresh Air Farm (CFAF) 

This ministry is a year-long outreach mission of IPC with a major emphasis in the summer with  The Summer Learning Program.










 AWE:  The Arts and Writing Experience Program

The AWE program  is a partnership between Independent Presbyterian Church and The Birmingham Cultural Alliance. The program will serve 25 Third Graders from Hayes K-8 who were graduates of IPC's STAIR program (Start The Adventure In Reading) last year, many of whom also attended the Summer Learning Program at The Children's Fresh Air Farm. Certified Artist Instructors will provide the children with exposure to four artistic disciplines in six-week rotations:  Music, Drama, Dance and Visual Arts.  Read more...




S.T.A.I.R:  Start the Adventure in Reading! 


This ministry is designed to increase the reading, listening and comprehension skills of second-graders who are in need of one-on-one tutoring. More than 100 tutors from IPC and other churches meet at IPC four afternoons a week to share a love of reading with the children. The success of the program depends on the volunteers. Please join us!  Find out more about S.T.A.I.R.

Click here for article in PORTICO magazine by Cathy Adams. "Independent Presbyterian Church's STAIR program boosts self esteem--and schooling success rates--through promoting reading skills and forming friendships."



First Light Shelter for Homeless Women and Children:


This ministry is located at 2230 4th Avenue North, on the corner of 4th Avenue North and 23rd Street North downtown.  First Light provides emergency shelter for homeless women and children; permanent housing for eight homeless women; day programming, including: an art therapy program each Thursday, an on-site clinic by Jefferson Blount St. Clair Mental Health Authority for psychiatric treatment and medication, support groups, Licensed Social Workers to help women develop a life plan to move from homelessness to independence, voluntary opportunities for worship services and bible studies.  You can learn more about First Light at


How do IPC volunteers serve at First Light?  IPC provides six weeks of volunteer coverage for First Light throughout the calendar year.  For details, click here.


During an IPC week, we provide:

Evening Meal Volunteers: Groups of volunteers from the church prepare and serve the evening meal for approximately 60 women and children each night of the week.  Many groups in the congregation have agreed to be a part of the meal rotation: The Session, the Deacons, Adult Church School classes, Church Committees, the Youth Groups, the IPC Choir, Adult Weekday classes, the Women’s Guild, etc.  Each group plans its own menu, prepares the meal and enlists members of the group to serve the meal on their assigned night;
Overnight Volunteers: Two volunteers spend the night each night during our weeks and provide hospitality and oversight on the dormitory floor.  There are 36 beds on the dormitory floor for women and children.  The overnight volunteers sleep in a separate volunteer room and spend their time handing out supplies and supervising the women from 7:30 until lights out at 9:30.  Overnight volunteers are free to leave in the morning after waking the women at 6:00AM.  Couples can stay together; families can stay together.  There are two bunk beds in the volunteer room.  One volunteer each night has to be a female.

For more information about volunteering at First Light, please contact Susan Clayton at or 205.933.3709.




Greater Birmingham Habitat for Humanity

September 2012:  Building a house with South Highland Presbyterian Church DETAILS

IPC builds  houses with Habitat for Humanity in  Birmingham. 

See photos of previous home build:   IPC-Sponsored Habitat House ( photos!) 


 How can IPC volunteers help with our Habitat houses?
Construction Volunteers: We need construction volunteers each Thursday and Saturday while the house is being built.  Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age.  Volunteers do not have to be skilled!  All the supervision and training you need is provided by the Habitat Site Supervisor.  You can bring your own tools, or Habitat can provide the tools you need.  Hours of construction are approximately 8:00AM-3:30PM.
Lunch Volunteers: We need volunteers to bring lunch to the construction volunteers each Saturday.  Lunch is usually fairly simple: Sandwich makings, chips, fresh fruit, dessert, drinks and ice.  Those providing lunch need to bring paper plates, napkins, cups and condiments for sandwiches.

For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Susan Clayton at or 205.933.3709.



Social Services Ministry

The Community Ministries Department at IPC has a Social Services account from which we offer assistance with people in need to help pay utility bills and buy prescription medications.  In addition, we have a Food Pantry at IPC from which we provide groceries to families in need. 




How can IPC members help with the Social Services ministry?

Financial contributions are always needed for the Social Services account.  Tax-deductible checks can be made out to “IPC Social Services.”
The IPC Food Pantry: Bring non-perishable food items to the IPC Food Pantry.  Baskets are scattered around the church where you can leave your donations.  There are suggestions for food items to buy each month in The Window.  Each fall, we have the Harvest for Hunger Food drive when we have a special call for members to bring food to the church to stock the pantry shelves for the holiday season, but hunger never takes a holiday and food donations are always needed!  You can also contribute money to IPC Social Services and mark it “Food Pantry” and we can use your money to buy food vouchers from Christian Service Mission for needy families.

When you come to church, please remember the Food Pantry. 
Things we can always use: The Food Pantry can always use basic grocery items ~ peanut butter and jelly, crackers, cereal, grits, oatmeal, nutrition bars, soups, canned fruits, canned vegetables, milk [canned or dry], canned meats [tuna, chicken, salmon], canned chili, packages of macaroni & cheese.

Some things we cannot use: opened packages and home-canned items. Also, we really cannot use commercial sizes [No. 10 cans of fruits or vegetables and 10 pound bags of items.  Just think BASIC ~ Some items are hard to give away such as exotic coffees and teas, and left-over holiday candy.  Also, we only distribute food for people:  no pet food please. A better place for donated pet food is an animal rescue organization.

Office Help: We can always use help around our office: answering the phone as people call in to make appointments for financial and food assistance; or putting bags of groceries together for families to take home.
For more information, or to volunteer, please contact Rev. Susan Clayton  205.933.3709 or our Administrative Assistant Annette Carter at or 205.933.3725.